ConeUtils Class Reference

#include <mw/coeutils.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class ConeUtils
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidEnsurePathExistsL(const TPtrC &)
IMPORT_C TBoolFileExists(const TDesC &)

Detailed Description

Provides file and path utility functions.

Member Function Documentation

EnsurePathExistsL ( const TPtrC & )

IMPORT_C voidEnsurePathExistsL(const TPtrC &aFileName)[static]

Ensures a path exists.

This function tests whether the path for the file given by aFileName exists, and creates it if it doesn't. The function does nothing if the path name already exists.

See also: RFs::MkDirAll() BaflUtils::EnsurePathExistsL()

aFileNameThe full path name to create. Any file name is ignored and may be omitted.

FileExists ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_C TBoolFileExists(const TDesC &aFileName)[static]

Tests whether a file exists.

See also: BaflUtils::FileExists()

aFileNameThe file name to check.
Return Value
ETrue if the file exists, EFalseif it doesn't.