MObexAuthChallengeHandler Class Reference

#include <mw/obexbase.h>

class MObexAuthChallengeHandler
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidGetUserPasswordL(const TDesC &)
virtual IMPORT_C voidMOACH_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUid, void *&)

Detailed Description

This class is the common base class for any object which wishes to use the Obex Server or Client. The class which owns a CObexClient or CObexServer must be provide an object derived from this class to handle the call from the Server/Client for a request for a Password.

See also: CObex::SetCallBack

Member Function Documentation

GetUserPasswordL ( const TDesC & )

voidGetUserPasswordL(const TDesC &aRealm)[pure virtual]

Indicates that the server/client has received an Authentication challenge. The challenge can only be responded to once a password has been retrieved by some means and passed back to the calling class. The password is passed back via CObex::UserPasswordL

aRealmThis will contain the Realm specified by the unit forcing the Authentication, if no UserID was supplied then this parameter will be of zero length.

MOACH_ExtensionInterfaceL ( TUid, void *& )

IMPORT_C voidMOACH_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUidaInterface,
void *&aObject

Returns a null aObject if the extension is not implemented, or a pointer to another interface if it is. This virtual function allows the M- classes to be extended in future in a binary compatible way by providing a method that clients can override in future to allow extra callbacks to be made via aObject.

aInterfaceUID of the interface to return
aObjectthe container for another interface as specified by aInterface