MFepPointerEventHandlerDuringInlineEdit Class Reference

#include <mw/fepbase.h>

class MFepPointerEventHandlerDuringInlineEdit
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandlePointerEventInInlineTextL(TPointerEvent::TType, TUint, TInt)

Detailed Description

Specifies the mixin protocol for handling pointer events in inline text.

This class should be overridden by front end processors which support inline editing.

An instance of a class which implements this protocol should be passed to MCoeFepAwareTextEditor::StartFepInlineEditL().

Member Function Documentation

HandlePointerEventInInlineTextL ( TPointerEvent::TType, TUint, TInt )

)[pure virtual]

This function is called when a pointer event is received within the inline text. It may need to update the cursor position within the inline text and do text selection in response to drag events.

aTypePointer event types.
aModifiersModifier keys (SHIFT, CTRL, FN etc.).
aPositionInInlineTextThe position at which the pointer event occurred, as an offset from the start of the inline text string.