TFindWidthOfWidestTextItem Class Reference

#include <mw/gulutil.h>

Link against: egul.lib

class TFindWidthOfWidestTextItem
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TIntMaximumWidthInPixels(const CFont &)
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Finds the width in pixels of the widest item in a range of indexed text items.

This is the base class for several classes used to get the maximum width for date and time components.

Derived classes should override the pure virtual methods to supply an appropriate range of items.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TFindWidthOfWidestTextItem ( )

TFindWidthOfWidestTextItem()[protected, inline]

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

MaximumWidthInPixels ( const CFont & )

IMPORT_C TIntMaximumWidthInPixels(const CFont &aFont)const

Gets the width in pixels of the widest item in the range, using the specified font.

aFontThe font.
Return Value
The maximum width.