brctldialogsprovider.h File Reference

Enum TBrCtlSelectOptionType

Type of selection list

ESelectTypeMultipleMultiple select - Display a checkbox.
ESelectTypeSingleSingle select - Display a radio button.
ESelectTypeNoneSingle select - Do not display any button.

No buttons (single selection only) OK softkey is available Cancel button is not available


Added enumeration ESelectTypeWithFindPane at offset of 0x100 so that the limit of different types of dialog boxes can be upto 256. Any user who wants a list with find pane must "|" with a defined type above like ESelectTypeNone | ESelectTypeWithFindPane to obtain a list box with find pane.

Enum TBrCtlImageType

Defines the type of image if it cannot be recognized by the Symbian image conversion library.

EImageTypeAnyAutomatically recognized by the image converter.
EImageTypeWbmpWireless Bitmap (WBMP) image.
EImageTypeOtaOver The Air (OTA) image.