ASCliDefinitions Class Reference

#include <mw/asclidefinitions.h>

Link against: alarmclient.lib

class ASCliDefinitions
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C const TDesC &ServerAndThreadName()
const TDesC &ServerImageName()
TUidType ServerUidType()
TVersion Version()

Detailed Description

This is a utility class that retrieves the name and version number of the alarm server.

Member Function Documentation

ServerAndThreadName ( )

IMPORT_C const TDesC &ServerAndThreadName()[static]

Returns the alarm server's unique name.

Return Value
Unique name of the alarm server.

ServerImageName ( )

const TDesC &ServerImageName()[static]

ServerUidType ( )

TUidType ServerUidType()[static]

Version ( )

TVersion Version()[static]