MHTTPFilterCreationCallback Class Reference

#include <mw/http/mhttpfiltercreationcallback.h>

class MHTTPFilterCreationCallback
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidConfigureSessionFiltersL(TFilterConfigurationIterator *)

Detailed Description

This class serves as a pure virtual interface required as a session callback to the client when the client requires to configure the filters that are installed. The session calls the method in the interface when the construction of the session is complete. The callback passes an object of CFilterConfigurationIterator that allows the client to configure the filters that are installed.

Member Function Documentation

ConfigureSessionFiltersL ( TFilterConfigurationIterator * )

voidConfigureSessionFiltersL(TFilterConfigurationIterator *aFilterConfigIter)[pure virtual]
Intended Usage: Pure virtual that is called by the session when the session construction is complete. This passes a CFilterConfigurationIterator back to the client which allows the client to install or install selected filters.
The session has been constructed
The filters that are installed are have been configured by the client
aFilterConfigIterPointer to the filter configuration iterator. Ownership of CFilterConfigurationIterator remains with the session and is not transfered