MFbsExtendedBitmapInitializer Class Reference

#include <fbs.h>

class MFbsExtendedBitmapInitializer
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TInt InitExtendedBitmap(TAny *, TInt)

Detailed Description

An interface for initialization of extended bitmaps. By implementing this interface, creators of extended bitmaps can set the contents of an extended bitmap without allocating a temporary buffer and avoid unnecessary memory copying during calls to CFbsBitmap::CreateExtendedBitmap().

WARNING: Class for internal and partner use ONLY. Compatibility is not guaranteed in future releases.

See also: CFbsBitmap::CreateExtendedBitmap()

Member Function Documentation

InitExtendedBitmap ( TAny *, TInt )

TInt InitExtendedBitmap(TAny *aData,
)[pure virtual]

Initializes the raw data of an extended bitmap.

aDataA pointer to the raw data to be initialized.
aDataSizeThe size in bytes of the raw data to be initialized.
Return Value
KErrNone if successful, otherwise another of the system-wide error codes.