MContactViewObserver Class Reference

#include <app/cntviewbase.h>

class MContactViewObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandleContactViewEvent(const CContactViewBase &, const TContactViewEvent &)

Detailed Description

The interface for a contact view observer.

Objects that need to observe a contact view should implement this interface. The view observer should be passed to the observed view's OpenL() or Open() function. This adds the observer to the view's observer array: a view can have more than one observer. The observers receive notifications when the observed view becomes ready for use and when changes occur in it.

Many contact view classes implement this interface to observe an underlying view. They in turn send notification to any objects observing them.

See also: CContactViewBase::NotifyObservers() CContactViewBase::NotifyObserverAsync()

Member Function Documentation

HandleContactViewEvent ( const CContactViewBase &, const TContactViewEvent & )

voidHandleContactViewEvent(const CContactViewBase &aView,
const TContactViewEvent &aEvent
)[pure virtual]

Handles an event in an observed contact view.

aViewThe contact view causing the notification.
aEventThe event.