RHTTPTransactionPropertySet Class Reference

#include <mw/http/rhttptransactionpropertyset.h>

class RHTTPTransactionPropertySet : public RHTTPPropertySet

Inherits from

Detailed Description

The set of properties of a transaction. This is used by filters to store per-transaction information, and is also used by the client to specify transaction properties (such as no caching, reload and so on)

Transaction properties always take precendence over session properties.

To lookup/change any of the following properties, use RHTTPPropertySet::Property(...) and RHTTPPropertySet::SetPropertyL(...)

To remove properties, use RHTTPPropertySet::RemoveProperty(...) for a named property, or RHTTPPropertySet::RemoveAllProperties() for all.

The following values are currently defined.

HTTP::EProxyUsage (HTTP::EDoNotUseProxy | HTTP::EUseProxy)

HTTP::EProxyAddress (A Uri for the Proxy server. Should include the port number if it is not the default of 8080)

HTTP::EHttpPipelining (default HTTP::EEnablePipelining) (HTTP::EEnablePipelining | HTTP::EDisablePipelining)