MUriCustomiser Class Reference

#include <mw/ineturilist.h>

class MUriCustomiser
Public Member Functions
pure virtual CUri8 *OnUriCustomisationL(const TUriC8 &)

Detailed Description

This class defines the interface that can be implemented by an application that wishes to do protocol and scheme-based normalisation of the URI before query operation.

Member Function Documentation

OnUriCustomisationL ( const TUriC8 & )

CUri8 *OnUriCustomisationL(const TUriC8 &aUri)[pure virtual]

The callback function that will be called to perform scheme and protocol-based normalisation. The URI will be syntax normalised before calling this function.

aUriThe syntax normalised URI.
Return Value
Final normalised URI, which is syntax and protocol/scheme based.