WAC::MServiceIPCObserver Class Reference

#include <mw/wac/wacserviceipcobserver.h>

class WAC::MServiceIPCObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidhandleCancelRequest(ServiceIPCRequest *)
pure virtual voidhandleClientConnect(ClientInfo *)
pure virtual voidhandleClientDisconnect(ClientInfo *)
pure virtual boolhandleRequest(ServiceIPCRequest *)

Detailed Description

Interface Observer class to handle IPC related events

Member Function Documentation

handleCancelRequest ( ServiceIPCRequest * )

voidhandleCancelRequest(ServiceIPCRequest *aRequest)[pure virtual]

Handle any cancellation of an asynchronous request.

aRequestrequest object that is going to be cancelled, ownership NOT passed Object will be cleaned up after callback returns
Return Value

handleClientConnect ( ClientInfo * )

voidhandleClientConnect(ClientInfo *aNewClient)[pure virtual]

Handle the connection of a new client to the server

aNewClientinformation about the new client, including session ID
Return Value

handleClientDisconnect ( ClientInfo * )

voidhandleClientDisconnect(ClientInfo *aClient)[pure virtual]

Handle the disconnection of a client from the server. This callback is called when a client disconnects (ie closes a session)

aClientinformation about the client that is disconected
Return Value

handleRequest ( ServiceIPCRequest * )

boolhandleRequest(ServiceIPCRequest *aRequest)[pure virtual]

Handle a new request

aRequestrequest object, ownership NOT passed
Return Value
false if is not handled and request should be completed automatically. true is handled and completed (or will be completed later)