Backup and restore of MIDlets uses both active and passive backup features provided by Symbian backup framework.

Midlet specific data, like jar, jad, rms-data and so on, is backupped using passive backup. Behavior of passive backup is configured in javabackup/conf/passivebackup/midlets/backup_registration.xml.

Active backup is used to backup both JavaStorage and Midlet registration information stored in application installation management framework (AppArc or Usif). Javabackup.exe is responsible of active backup operations for installed Midlets. Basic configuration for active backup is defined in javabackup/conf/activebackup/backup_registration.xml.

JavaBackup process is invoked by Symbian Backup Engine (SBE) when active backup/restore operations are performed. When backup/restore is done, JavaBackup terminates itself.

JavaBackup supports only full backup and restore. Incremental backup, where only such files are included that have changed since the last backup, is not supported.

Implementation details

For the process execution entrypoint, see E32Main .

For co-ordination of backup/restore operations, see CJavaSBEClient and CJavaSBECallbackImpl.

Backup Data Format


For basic knowledge of Symbian Backup framework, following documents are recommended:

  • PC Connectivity How-To Write Backup Aware Software

  • PC Connectivity How-To Write an Active or Proxy Backup