THTTPHdrFieldIter Class Reference

#include <mw/http/thttphdrfielditer.h>

class THTTPHdrFieldIter
Public Member Functions
THTTPHdrFieldIter(const CHeaders *)
IMPORT_C voidFirst()
IMPORT_C RStringTokenFoperator()()
IMPORT_C voidoperator++()

Detailed Description

Iterator class to iterate the fields within a RHTTPHeaders.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THTTPHdrFieldIter ( const CHeaders * )

THTTPHdrFieldIter(const CHeaders *aHeaders)[inline]

Construct an iterator for the fields of the supplied header collection.

aHeadersThe header collection whose fields we want to iterate

~THTTPHdrFieldIter ( )


Class destructor

Member Function Documentation

AtEnd ( )

IMPORT_C TBoolAtEnd()const

Check if the iterator is at the end of the collection. If so, further calls to operator() will return NULL.

Return Value
True if the iterator has reached the end of the header fields

First ( )

IMPORT_C voidFirst()

Reset iterator to point at the first field in the header collection

operator() ( )

IMPORT_C RStringTokenFoperator()()

Obtain the name of the header field currently pointed at by the iterator.

Return Value
The field name; or <empty string>=""> if the iterator has gone off the end of the header collection

operator++ ( )

IMPORT_C voidoperator++()

Advance the iterator to the next field.

Return Value
True if the iterator still points at a valid part after advancing.