TGsmSms Class Reference

#include <gsmuetel.h>

class TGsmSms
Public Member Functions
const TDesC8 &Pdu()
const TGsmSmsTelNumber &Sca()
voidSetPdu(const TDesC8 &)
voidSetSca(const TGsmSmsTelNumber &)

Detailed Description

Basic SMS class that contains some of the Etel mulit-mode SMS types.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TGsmSms ( )


Member Function Documentation

Pdu ( )

const TDesC8 &Pdu()const [inline]

Gets a descriptor containing the PDU.

Return Value
Descriptor containing the PDU

Sca ( )

const TGsmSmsTelNumber &Sca()const [inline]

Gets the Service Centre Address.

Return Value
Service Centre Address

SetPdu ( const TDesC8 & )

voidSetPdu(const TDesC8 &aPdu)[inline]

Sets the PDU.

aPduDescriptor containing the PDU

SetSca ( const TGsmSmsTelNumber & )

voidSetSca(const TGsmSmsTelNumber &aSca)[inline]

Sets the Service Centre Address.

aScaService Centre Address