PKI Service API

$file pkiserviceapi.h

PKI server API module


PKI Service API is an interface to a module called PKI Service. PKI Service is responsible of maintaining PKI keys and certificates and it provides a set of operations addressed to these objects, such as:

  • Save keypair

  • Create keypair

  • Save certificate

  • Attach enrolled certificate to a generated key

  • Sign using specified key

  • Decrypt using specified key

  • Read public key of a generated key

  • Read certificate

  • Remove keypaiR

  • Remove certificate

  • Build PKCS#10 certificate enrollment request for a generated key

PKI Service is implemented upon the Symbian Crypto Token Framework (CTF). CFT concept supports different types of stores to hold the PKI tokens. Main store types are: file store and WIM based store.

Only one asynchronous operation can be pending at any time. KPKIErrServiceBusy status code will be returned, if any function except CancelPendingOperation is called.