fepbase.h File Reference

FepObserverHandleStartOfTransactionL ( MCoeFepObserver & )

IMPORT_C voidFepObserverHandleStartOfTransactionL(MCoeFepObserver &aFepObserver)

Handles the start of a FEP transaction.

This is a non-member function which just calls aFepObserver.HandleStartOfTransactionL().

It is called indirectly by a FEP to notify the application that it is starting a transaction. This is done by calling CCoeEnv::ForEachFepObserverCall() passing in FepObserverHandleStartOfTransactionL. Internally, this calls HandleStartOfTransactionL() for each MCoeFepObserver object that has been registered with the control environment.

See also: MCoeFepObserver::HandleStartOfTransactionL()

aFepObserverThe FEP observer.