MRemConCoreApiControllerObserver Class Reference

#include <remconcoreapicontrollerobserver.h>

Link against: remconcoreapi.lib

class MRemConCoreApiControllerObserver
Public Member Functions
virtual IMPORT_C voidMrccacoResponse(TRemConCoreApiOperationId, TInt)

Detailed Description

Clients must implement this interface in order to instantiate objects of type CRemConCoreApiController. This interface passes incoming responses from RemCon to the client. In order to minimise the number of virtual functions the client has to implement, there's just one non-pure function which delivers all responses.

Member Function Documentation

MrccacoResponse ( TRemConCoreApiOperationId, TInt )

IMPORT_C voidMrccacoResponse(TRemConCoreApiOperationIdaOperationId,

A response has been received.

aOperationIdThe operation ID. The response is to a previous command of this type.