TestabilityUtils Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/testabilityutils.h>

class TestabilityUtils : public TasCoreUtils, public TasCoreUtils

TasServiveBase is an abstract base class for tasplugin services.

Inherits from

Public Member Functions
virtual ~TestabilityUtils()
QGraphicsWidget *castToGraphicsWidget(QGraphicsItem *)
QWidget *getApplicationWindow()
ItemLocationDetails getItemLocationDetails(QGraphicsItem *, TasCommand *)
QGraphicsView *getViewForItem(QGraphicsItem *)
QString graphicsItemId(QGraphicsItem *)
boolisItemBlackListed(QString, QString)
boolisItemInView(QGraphicsView *, QGraphicsItem *)
QGraphicsProxyWidget *parentProxy(QWidget *)
QPointproxyCoordinates(QGraphicsItem *, bool)
QWidget *viewPortAndPosition(QGraphicsItem *, QPoint &)
Protected Member Functions
QGraphicsItem *findFromObject(const QString &, QObject *)
QGraphicsItem *findGraphicsItem(const QString &)
QWidget *findWidget(const QString &)
QGraphicsItem *lookForMatch(QList< QGraphicsItem * >, const QString &)
boolverifyGraphicsItemMatch(const QString &, QGraphicsItem *)
Inherited Functions
TasCoreUtils::encodeString(const QString &)
TasCoreUtils::eventType(QEvent *)
TasCoreUtils::isChar(const QChar)
TasCoreUtils::objectId(QObject *)
TasCoreUtils::pointerId(void *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~TestabilityUtils ( )

~TestabilityUtils()[inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

castToGraphicsWidget ( QGraphicsItem * )

QGraphicsWidget *castToGraphicsWidget(QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem)[static]

findFromObject ( const QString &, QObject * )

QGraphicsItem *findFromObject(const QString &id,
QObject *object

Looks for a graphicsitem with thte given id from the children of the given object.

findGraphicsItem ( const QString & )

QGraphicsItem *findGraphicsItem(const QString &id)[protected]

Casting direclty from the id does not work so we need to look for the object with a matching id.

Get the correct QGraphicsItem for the given object id. Looks for the item from graphicsviews and scenes

findWidget ( const QString & )

QWidget *findWidget(const QString &id)[protected]

Casting directly from the id does not work so we need to look for the object with a matching id.

getApplicationWindow ( )

QWidget *getApplicationWindow()[static]

getItemLocationDetails ( QGraphicsItem *, TasCommand * )

ItemLocationDetails getItemLocationDetails(QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem,
TasCommand *command = 0

getViewForItem ( QGraphicsItem * )

QGraphicsView *getViewForItem(QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem)[static]

graphicsItemId ( QGraphicsItem * )

QString graphicsItemId(QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem)[static]

isBlackListed ( )


isCustomTraverse ( )


Return true if widgets belongs to custom traversed object, i.e. Will be traversed even if not visible

isItemBlackListed ( QString, QString )


isItemInView ( QGraphicsView *, QGraphicsItem * )

boolisItemInView(QGraphicsView *view,
QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem

See if the GraphicsItems region intersects the viewports visible region.

isVisibilityCheckOn ( )


lookForMatch ( QList< QGraphicsItem * >, const QString & )

QGraphicsItem *lookForMatch(QList< QGraphicsItem * >itemList,
const QString &targetId

Iterates a list of graphicsitems looking for a match for the given id. NULL is returned if a match is not found.

parentProxy ( QWidget * )

QGraphicsProxyWidget *parentProxy(QWidget *widget)[static]

Returns the Proxy Widget if any parent widget has a proxy

proxyCoordinates ( QGraphicsItem *, bool )

QPointproxyCoordinates(QGraphicsItem *item,
boolabsolute = true

verifyGraphicsItemMatch ( const QString &, QGraphicsItem * )

boolverifyGraphicsItemMatch(const QString &targetId,
QGraphicsItem *source

Verifys that a given GraphicsItem refences matches to the given id. If the item is a decendant of QObject (e.g. GraphicsWIdget) then the verification is done by casting the item to object and then making the comparison. Returns true if the given item matches.

viewPortAndPosition ( QGraphicsItem *, QPoint & )

QWidget *viewPortAndPosition(QGraphicsItem *graphicsItem,
QPoint &point

Gets the viewport widget for the item through the scene and graphics view. Can be null if the viewport could not be determined. Sets the point to be the screen coordinate at the center point of the QGraphicsitem.