obexbaseobject.h File Reference


const TUint32KConnIDInvalid

NONSHARABLE_CLASS ( TObexTransferredBytes )


Transferred bytes class



Objects of this class are used to describe the objects to be transferred and those received via Obex. Consists of a number of attributes describing the object, along with methods to set them. CObexBaseObject is an abstract base class, which defines attribute setting and transferring functionality, but does not specify the storage mechanism for the data part (called the object body) of the object. This body part is defined in derived classes.

Object description attributes are tracked for validity automatically, so that only valid attributes are sent to the remote machine. Also has the concept of "header masks". This selects which of the various attributes will actually be sent out/read in when the object is used in an operation with the remote machine. Objects default to transferring all valid attributes, use the header mask if restriction is required on the headers exchanged.

See the various derived classes for description of object body representation.

The common attributes are defined to be as close to the underlying OBEX headers as usefully possible, hence any OBEX header specified as a Unicode string (e.g. Name) translate to TDes (variant) EPOC descriptors, "byte sequences" (e.g. Type) are TDes8 (or ASCII invariant), and byte and 32 bit integers (e.g. Length) are TUint32s.

This class is not designed for user derivation (ie. outside of this dll).

See also: CObexHeader