LkmException Class Reference

#include <lkmexception.h>

class LkmException
Public Member Functions
LkmException(int, QString)
QString getErrDescription()

Detailed Description

lkm exception class. Service providers throw an object of this class to the binding layer when an error happens in running of one of their methods. The exception is caught in binding layer. In windows an exception is thrown to JS by calling NPN_SetException. Also information about last error are set by setLastErrCode, setLastErrDesc in binding layer to provider information for JS layer in case the platform does not support exception.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LkmException ( int, QString )



~LkmException ( )


Exception specification: throw ()

Member Function Documentation

getErrCode ( )


Returns m_errCode

getErrDescription ( )

QString getErrDescription()[inline]

Returns m_errDesc