MHTTPSessionEventCallback Class Reference

#include <mw/http/mhttpsessioneventcallback.h>

class MHTTPSessionEventCallback
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TInt MHFSessionRunError(TInt, const THTTPSessionEvent &)
pure virtual voidMHFSessionRunL(const THTTPSessionEvent &)

Detailed Description

The per-session callback for receiving session event callbacks.

Member Function Documentation

MHFSessionRunError ( TInt, const THTTPSessionEvent & )

TInt MHFSessionRunError(TIntaError,
const THTTPSessionEvent &aEvent
)[pure virtual]

Called when MHFRunL leaves from a session event. This works in the same way as CActve::RunError If you don't completely handle the error, a panic will occur.

aErrorThe leave code that RunL left with.
aEventThe Event that was being processed.
Return Value
KErrNone if the error has been cancelled or the code of the continuing error otherwise.

MHFSessionRunL ( const THTTPSessionEvent & )

voidMHFSessionRunL(const THTTPSessionEvent &aEvent)[pure virtual]

Called when the filters registration conditions are satisfied for events that occur on the session. Any leaves must be handled by the appropriate MHFRunError.

aEventThe session event that has occured.