MTranpNotification Class Reference

#include <tranp.h>

class MTranpNotification
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidConnected()
pure virtual voidDisconnected()
pure virtual voidError(TInt)
pure virtual voidGetComplete()
virtual IMPORT_C voidMTN_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUid, void *&)
pure virtual voidProgressIndication(TInt)
pure virtual voidPutComplete()
pure virtual voidQueryComplete()

Detailed Description

A callback interface providing notification of events that occur during a picture transmission session.

Users of a picture transmission session must derive from this class an provide implementation for all of the pure virtual functions.

See also: CTranpSession

Member Function Documentation

Connected ( )

voidConnected()[pure virtual]

This function is called when a peer device connects successfully to the host device following an attempt to receive a picture.

Disconnected ( )

voidDisconnected()[pure virtual]

This function is called when a peer device disconnects or is disconnected from the host device.

Error ( TInt )

voidError(TIntaError)[pure virtual]

This function is called when the connection with the peer device drops during picture data transmission.

aErrorAn error code associated with the connection drop. Normally, one of the system wide error codes.

GetComplete ( )

voidGetComplete()[pure virtual]

This function is called when the reception of picture data is complete.

MTN_ExtensionInterfaceL ( TUid, void *& )

IMPORT_C voidMTN_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUidaInterface,
void *&aObject

Returns a null aObject if the extension is not implemented, or a pointer to another interface if it is. This virtual function allows the M- classes to be extended in future in a binary compatible way by providing a method that clients can override in future to allow extra callbacks to be made via aObject.

aInterfaceUID of the interface to return
aObjectthe container for another interface as specified by aInterface

ProgressIndication ( TInt )

voidProgressIndication(TIntaPercent)[pure virtual]

This function is called during the sending or receiving of picture data and indicates the percentage of the data that has been transmitted.

aPercentThe percentage of picture data transmitted.

PutComplete ( )

voidPutComplete()[pure virtual]

This function is called when the sending of picture data is complete.

QueryComplete ( )

voidQueryComplete()[pure virtual]

This function is called when an operation querying the processing ability of a peer device completes.