RRtcpSRPart Class Reference

#include <mw/rtcp.h>

Link against: rtpremoved.lib

class RRtcpSRPart
Public Member Functions
RRtcpSRPart(TRtcpSRPart &)
IMPORT_C TUintByteCount()
IMPORT_C const TDesC8 &Extension()
IMPORT_C voidNTPTimestamp(TTime &)
IMPORT_C voidNTPTimestamp(TUint32 &, TUint32 &)
IMPORT_C TUintPacketCount()
IMPORT_C TUintRTPTimestamp()

Detailed Description

A handle to a SR (Sender Report) packet.

RRs (Receiver Reports) received as part of a SR (Sender Report) are classified with the RRs. The resources accessed through this handle are owned by the receive stream object, a RRtpReceiveStream instance, and therefore has no Close() member function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RRtcpSRPart ( TRtcpSRPart & )

IMPORT_CRRtcpSRPart(TRtcpSRPart &aSr)

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

ByteCount ( )

IMPORT_C TUintByteCount()const

Gets the number of bytes that have been sent.

Return Value
The number of bytes sent.

Extension ( )

IMPORT_C const TDesC8 &Extension()

Gets the profile-specific extension.

Return Value
An un-modifiable descriptor reference to the extension data.

NTPTimestamp ( TTime & )

IMPORT_C voidNTPTimestamp(TTime &aTime)const

Gets the absolute time when this SR was sent, in TTime format.

Return Value
The time in NTP format.

NTPTimestamp ( TUint32 &, TUint32 & )

IMPORT_C voidNTPTimestamp(TUint32 &aSec,
TUint32 &aFrac

added as Fix to Defect PDEF101761 Gets the timestamp when this SR was sent, in seconds and fraction

@ return The time in Seconds and Fraction

PacketCount ( )

IMPORT_C TUintPacketCount()const

Gets the number of packets that have been sent.

Return Value
The number of packets.

RTPTimestamp ( )

IMPORT_C TUintRTPTimestamp()const

Gets the RTP time when this packet was sent.

Note that RTP time is profile dependant and may have an arbitrary start time, but this is useful for tying the SR with the timestamps in the data stream

Return Value
The time when the packet was sent.