MAknsRlParameterIterator Class Reference

#include <mw/AknsRlParameter.h>

class MAknsRlParameterIterator
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MAknsRlParameterIterator()
pure virtual TBool HasNext()
pure virtual const TAknsRlParameterData *NextL()

Detailed Description

Interface to skin effect parameter iterator.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MAknsRlParameterIterator ( )

~MAknsRlParameterIterator()[inline, virtual]

Destructor for internal use.

Destructor is reserved for internal use. Client code usually does not destroy iterators.

Member Function Documentation

HasNext ( )

TBool HasNext()[pure virtual]

Checks whether there are more parameters available.

Return Value
ETrue if subsequent GetNextL should succeed, EFalse if GetNextL must not be called anymore.

NextL ( )

const TAknsRlParameterData *NextL()[pure virtual]

Gets the next parameter.

Return Value
Pointer to the parameter data. The ownership is not transferred. The data is guaranteed to be valid until the next call to HasNext, NextL, or the iterator is destroyed.