TObexTransportInfo Class Reference

#include <mw/obextransportinfo.h>

class TObexTransportInfo

Detailed Description

This class is a combination of the TObexProtocolInfo and TObexProtocolPolicy classes. This class is designed for licensee derivation, to support novel transport controllers. Existing superclasses include TObexUsbTransportInfo, TObexUsbV2TransportInfo, TObexBtTransportInfo and TObexIrTransportInfo. It is also designed for 3rd party instantiation, for use when creation a CObexServer or a CObexClient.

Note that, being a T-type, this type and all derived types must hold data by value, to support bitwise copying.

Member Attribute Documentation


TUint16 iFuture1


TUint32 iFuture2


TInt iFuture3


TInt iFuture4


TUint16 iReceiveMtu

The maximum size of the receive packet buffer for the policy


TUint16 iTransmitMtu

The maximum size of the transmit packet buffer for the policy


TBuf< 60 >iTransportName

The type of the transport over which obex will run. The size of the buffer is chosen for historical reasons. This is the size originally used by TObexProtocolInfo.


TUint16 iVersion

The version of the protocol policy format that this class supports