MCoeControlHitTest Class Reference

#include <mw/coecntrl.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class MCoeControlHitTest
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TBool HitRegionContains(const TPoint &, const CCoeControl &)
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for defining a control's hit region.

This could be implemented by a CCoeControl-derived class to define hit region checking. The object is installed by calling CCoeControl::SetHitTest().

The hit region is the area inside the control's rectangle in which pointer events are handled. It can be any shape, not necessarily rectangular.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeControlHitTest ( )


Member Function Documentation

HitRegionContains ( const TPoint &, const CCoeControl & )

TBool HitRegionContains(const TPoint &aPoint,
const CCoeControl &aControl
)const [pure virtual]

Tests whether a pointer event occurred inside the control's hit region. This function is called by CCoeControl::HandlePointerEventL().

aPointThe position of the pointer event.
Return Value
ETrue if the specified point lies inside the hit region, EFalse if not.