CICLAnimationDataProvider Class Reference

#include <mw/iclanimationdataprovider.h>

Link against: animation.lib

class CICLAnimationDataProvider : public CAnimationDataProvider, public MICLAnimationDataLoaderObserver, public CAnimationDataProvider, public MICLAnimationDataLoaderObserver

Detailed Description

Data provider for frame based animations.

This data provider expects to be provided with a file which can be interpreted as an animation using the Image Conversion Library (ICL). An example would be an animated GIF. The default data type for this provider is "bitmap".

See also: CBitmapAnimator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CICLAnimationDataProvider ( )


Default constructor.

~CICLAnimationDataProvider ( )



It is normal for an animation to take ownership of a data provider, and hence responsibility for destroying it.

Member Function Documentation

CAnimationDataProvider_Reserved1 ( )

IMPORT_C voidCAnimationDataProvider_Reserved1()[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from CAnimationDataProvider::CAnimationDataProvider_Reserved1()

Reserved for future use

CAnimationDataProvider_Reserved2 ( )

IMPORT_C voidCAnimationDataProvider_Reserved2()[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from CAnimationDataProvider::CAnimationDataProvider_Reserved2()

Reserved for future use

CICLAnimationDataProvider_Reserved1 ( )

IMPORT_C voidCICLAnimationDataProvider_Reserved1()[protected, virtual]

Reserved for future use

CICLAnimationDataProvider_Reserved2 ( )

IMPORT_C voidCICLAnimationDataProvider_Reserved2()[protected, virtual]

Reserved for future use

DataType ( )

IMPORT_C TPtrC8DataType()[virtual]

Reimplemented from CAnimationDataProvider::DataType()

Called from the animation to obtain the type of data to expect.

Return Value
An 8 bit identifier string

SetFileL ( RFs &, const TFileName & )

IMPORT_C voidSetFileL(RFs &aFs,
const TFileName &aFileName

Specifies the file to load the animation from.

This must be called before constructing an animation with this data provider. It may be called again for other files at any point during the lifespan of the animation, in which case current animation will be stopped.

aFsA session with the file server
aFileNameThe path to the image file to be loaded

StartL ( )


Reimplemented from CAnimationDataProvider::StartL()

Implmenets CAnimationDataProvider::StartL()

You do not need to call this function unless you are writing a new animation type.