THttpLogger Class Reference

#include <mw/http/framework/httplogger.h>

class THttpLogger : public TDes16Overflow

Inherits from

Public Member Functions
virtual ~THttpLogger()
IMPORT_C voidCreateFlogger(const TDesC &, TInt, TInt)
IMPORT_C voidDumpIt(const TDesC8 &)
IMPORT_C voidLogIt(TRefByValue< const TDesC >, ...)
IMPORT_C voidWriteComment(const TDesC &)
IMPORT_C voidWriteComment(const TDesC8 &)

Detailed Description

A utility used in HTTP for logging in debug builds. Log files are placed in the directory EPOCROOT%/epoc32/wins/c/logs/http

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~THttpLogger ( )


Destructor - closes the log ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E0180

Member Function Documentation

CreateFlogger ( const TDesC &, TInt, TInt )

IMPORT_C voidCreateFlogger(const TDesC &aFileName,

Create log file in directory KLogsdir - Note: ignore Drive and Path of aFilename

aFileNameLog file name.
aShowDateReport date in log.
aShowTimeReport time in log. ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E0175

DumpIt ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C voidDumpIt(const TDesC8 &aData)

Do a formatted dump of binary data.

aDataData to log. ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E0150

LogIt ( TRefByValue< const TDesC >, ... )

IMPORT_C voidLogIt(TRefByValue< const TDesC >aFmt,

Logs a list of values formatted by a format string.

aFmtFormat string ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E0162

WriteComment ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_C voidWriteComment(const TDesC &aComment)

Writes aComment to test log file, logging file and test harness.

aCommentString to log ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E0158

WriteComment ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C voidWriteComment(const TDesC8 &aData)

Do a write of the supplied 8 bit data.

aDataString to log ##ModelId=3C4C4C3E015A