CContactConverter Class Reference

#include <app/cntdb.h>

class CContactConverter : public CBase, public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Provides functionality to import and export vCards. One or more vCards can be imported from a read stream (the vCards are converted into contact items and added to the database). Also, contact items can be exported as vCards.

Member Function Documentation

ExportL ( CContactDatabase &, const CContactIdArray &, RWriteStream &, TInt, const Versit::TVersitCharSet, TBool, TInt )

voidExportL(CContactDatabase &aDb,
const CContactIdArray &aSelectedContactIds,
RWriteStream &aWriteStream,
const Versit::TVersitCharSetaCharSet,
TIntaCommitNumber = 10
)[pure virtual]

ImportL ( CContactDatabase &, RReadStream &, TBool &, TInt, TBool )

CArrayPtr< CContactItem > *ImportL(CContactDatabase &aDb,
RReadStream &aReadStream,
TBool &aImportSuccessful,
)[pure virtual]