MEikInfoDialog Class Reference

#include <mw/eikenv.h>

class MEikInfoDialog
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TBool RunDlgLD(TInt, const TDesC &, const TDesC &)

Detailed Description

Interface for launching a dialog with a title and a message, for instance a query dialog.

Dialogs implementing this interface can be passed to CEikonEnv::SetQueryDialog() or CEikonEnv::SetInfoDialog().

Member Function Documentation

RunDlgLD ( TInt, const TDesC &, const TDesC & )

TBool RunDlgLD(TIntaResource,
const TDesC &aTitle,
const TDesC &aMsg
)[pure virtual]

Initialises and executes the dialog.

aResourceThe ID of the DIALOG resource that identifies the dialog's type. For instance, a query dialog (with Yes/No buttons) or an info dialog (with a Continue button).
aTitleThe dialog's title.
aMsgThe message to display in the dialog.
Return Value
True if the Confirm button (or equivalent) was pressed, false if the dialog was cancelled.