eikenv.h File Reference

Typedef TRequestDialogFunc

typedef void(*TRequestDialogFunc

InternalizeL ( TEikPortFlag &, RReadStream & )

IMPORT_C voidInternalizeL(TEikPortFlag &aThing,
RReadStream &aStream

Internalises the printer port flag.

This function is provided so that print dialogs can restore the printer port setting from the app's ini file.

aThingOn return, contains the printer port setting read from the specified stream.
aStreamStream to read from.
Leave Codes
KErrCorruptThe printer port flag read from the stream is invalid.

operator<< ( RWriteStream &, const TEikPortFlag & )

RWriteStream &operator<<(RWriteStream &aStream,
const TEikPortFlag &aThing

operator>> ( RReadStream &, TEikPortFlag & )

RReadStream &operator>>(RReadStream &aStream,
TEikPortFlag &aThing