RRtpCSRCs Class Reference

#include <mw/rtp.h>

Link against: rtpremoved.lib

class RRtpCSRCs
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TIntCount()
IMPORT_C TUintoperator[](TUint)

Detailed Description

A handle representing the list of CSRCs in an RTP packet.

Member Function Documentation

Count ( )

IMPORT_C TIntCount()const

Gets the number of CSRCs in the RTP packet.

Return Value
The number of CSRCs.

operator[] ( TUint )

IMPORT_C TUintoperator[](TUintaIndex)const

Gets a specific CSRC as identified by the specified index.

aIndexThe index value. This is relative to zero, i.e. a zero value refers to the first CSRC.
Return Value
The CSRC identifier.