MturUtils Class Reference

#include <mw/mturutils.h>

Link against: mtur.lib

class MturUtils
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorAndWaitL(TMsvId)
IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorL(TMsvId)
IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorL(TMsvId, RThread &, TRequestStatus &)

Detailed Description

Utility class that is used to start an application to edit a specified message.

Member Function Documentation

LaunchEditorAndWaitL ( TMsvId )

IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorAndWaitL(TMsvIdaId)[static]

LaunchEditorL ( TMsvId )

IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorL(TMsvIdaId)[static]

LaunchEditorL ( TMsvId, RThread &, TRequestStatus & )

IMPORT_C voidLaunchEditorL(TMsvIdaId,
RThread &aThread,
TRequestStatus &aStatus