TMsvFindOperationProgress Class Reference

#include <mw/msvfind.h>

class TMsvFindOperationProgress
Public Attributes
TInt iCompleted
TMsvId iCurrentId
TInt iError
TInt iRemaining
Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

Encapsulates progress information for a text search operation. The class has public data members.

Member Attribute Documentation


TInt iCompleted

The number of messages already searched.


TMsvId iCurrentId

The entry Id identifying the message currently being searched


TInt iError

KErrNone if the search operation completed successfully otherwise one of the system-wide error codes.

This has no meaning while the search operation is in progress.


TInt iRemaining

The number of messages remaining to be searched.

If the search operation is for text within a specified root, folder or service, then this value is zero until the total number of messages has been determined.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TMsvFindOperationProgress ( )


Default constructor.

The data members are set to 0 or NULL values.