MRemConErrorObserver Class Reference

#include <remconerrorobserver.h>

class MRemConErrorObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidMrceoError(TInt)

Detailed Description

This class defines an error notification interface. This is intended for use in the situation where a client application needs to know about an error that has occurred passively. This is not used in situations where a client application makes a call that returns an error.

The main use is where a target application is sitting waiting to receive commands and the server dies. It needs to know if this has happened so that it can restart the server if it wishes.

Member Function Documentation

MrceoError ( TInt )

voidMrceoError(TIntaError)[pure virtual]

This is called in the case of a session error that has occurred passively and cannot be notified via completion of an outstanding call made by the client application.

aErrorThe error that has occurred. If this is KErrServerTerminated, the error is fatal and the server must be restarted before any new messages can be received.