TasPluginLoader Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/taspluginloader.h>

class TasPluginLoader

Loads tastraverser helper plugins and tasfixture plugins.

Public Member Functions
QStringList listPlugins(QString)
TasFixturePluginInterface *loadFixtureInterface(const QString &)
QObject *loadPlugin(QString)
TasFixturePluginInterface *tryToLoadFixture(QString, QString)

Detailed Description

Loads tas traversal helper plugins. Helper plugins are loaded based on the QObject or QGraphicsItem details. Detection is done using the class name and inheritance details. TasFixturePlugins are loaded simply based on the path given as parameter. The most common place to look for the plugins is under QT plugins directory.

All plugin load functions may return null if no plugin can be loaded.

The plugin loader class will store will unload all of the pluginloaders when deleted. Note that the unload can fail if other loaders are using the same plugin.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TasPluginLoader ( )



~TasPluginLoader ( )



Member Function Documentation

initializeFixturePlugins ( )


Loads all plugins from QT_PLUGINS/tasfixtures directory into to a local cache.

listPlugins ( QString )

QStringList listPlugins(QStringpluginDir)

loadFixtureInterface ( const QString & )

TasFixturePluginInterface *loadFixtureInterface(const QString &pluginPath)

Tries to load a fixture plugin based on the path given. When initialized the all plugins from QT_PLUGINS/tasfixtures are loaded and if the given path name matches then it is returned. If the plugin is not found from the loaded plugins the it a load is attempted. If no plugins is loaded null is returned.

loadPlugin ( QString )

QObject *loadPlugin(QStringpluginLoadPath)

Perform plugin load.

tryToLoadFixture ( QString, QString )

TasFixturePluginInterface *tryToLoadFixture(QStringfilePath,

Try to load a plugin from the given path. Returns null if no plugin loaded.