MContactDbObserverV2 Class Reference

#include <app/cntdbobs.h>

class MContactDbObserverV2
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandleDatabaseEventV2L(TContactDbObserverEventV2)

Detailed Description

The interface for an observer that handles changes to a contact database.

It specifies a single pure virtual function which should be implemented by the observer class to test the type of the change event (see the TContactDbObserverEventType and TContactDbObserverEventTypeV2 enums) and handle it.

Member Function Documentation

HandleDatabaseEventV2L ( TContactDbObserverEventV2 )

voidHandleDatabaseEventV2L(TContactDbObserverEventV2aEvent)[pure virtual]

Tests the contact database observer event type and handles it. The ID of the contact(s) affected by the change event, if relevant, can be retrieved via TContactDbObserverEvent::iContactId and TContactDbObserverEventV2::iAdditionalContactId.

aEventProvides information about the change event.