coeaui.h File Reference

Typedef TCoeFepFactoryFunctionL

typedef CCoeFep *(*TCoeFepFactoryFunctionL

Creates a FEP interface object.

Typedef TCoeSynchronouslyExecuteFepSettingsDialogFunctionL

typedef void(*TCoeSynchronouslyExecuteFepSettingsDialogFunctionL

Calls the second ordinal function of the FEP for which the settings dialog is to be executed.

Enum anonymous

Stack priority flags.

Controls with higher priorities get offered key events before controls with lower priorities.

Enum anonymous

Control stack flags.

Each control on the stack has a set of these flags which can be used to refuse to accept key events and to refuse requests for focus.


The default value


The control does not accept key events.


The control does not accept keyboard focus.


The control is owned and deleted by the stack.


The control is also added to the stack of any embedded app UI. For example, an alert dialog added through CEikonEnv will be shared on the stack of all embedded app UIs that may appear in the application.