MBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetricsObserver Class Reference

#include <bt_sock.h>

class MBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetricsObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidMbplmoError(TInt)
virtual IMPORT_C TAny *MbplmoExtensionInterfaceL(TUid)
pure virtual voidMbplmoFailedContactCounterChanged(TUint16)
pure virtual voidMbplmoLinkQualityChanged(TUint8)
pure virtual voidMbplmoRssiChanged(TInt8)
pure virtual voidMbplmoTransmitPowerLevelChanged(TInt8)

Detailed Description

This allows for notification of events relating to a CBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetrics object.

These notifications will be called when the value of a physical link metric that has been subscribed to in CBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetrics changes. If the notification is not called, the value has not changed since the last notification

Mixin class to be used with CBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetrics

Member Function Documentation

MbplmoError ( TInt )

voidMbplmoError(TIntaError)[pure virtual]

Notification that an error has occured. When this is called, the current subscriptions will be cancelled. If a link disconnection occurs, the CBluetoothPhysicalLinkMetrics object will no longer be valid, so it is recommended to delete the object in this callback

MbplmoExtensionInterfaceL ( TUid )

IMPORT_C TAny *MbplmoExtensionInterfaceL(TUidaInterface)[virtual]

Returns a null aObject if the extension is not implemented, or a pointer to another interface if it is.

aInterfaceUID of the interface to return
Return Value
The container for another interface as specified by aInterface

MbplmoFailedContactCounterChanged ( TUint16 )

voidMbplmoFailedContactCounterChanged(TUint16aFailedContactCounter)[pure virtual]

Notification for the initial failed contact counter value, and whenever the failed contact counter changes.

aFailedContactCounterNumber of consecutive failed contacts for this connection

MbplmoLinkQualityChanged ( TUint8 )

voidMbplmoLinkQualityChanged(TUint8aLinkQuality)[pure virtual]

Notification for the initial Link Quality value and whenever the Link Quality changes.

aLinkQualityLink quality for this connection where the higher value represents a better quality link

MbplmoRssiChanged ( TInt8 )

voidMbplmoRssiChanged(TInt8aRssi)[pure virtual]

Notification for the initial RSSI (received signal strengh indication) value and whenever the RSSI changes

aRssiCurrent RSSI Value in dB

MbplmoTransmitPowerLevelChanged ( TInt8 )

voidMbplmoTransmitPowerLevelChanged(TInt8aTransmitPowerLevel)[pure virtual]

Notification for the initial transmit power level, and whenever the transmit power level changes.

aTransmitPowerLevelTransmit power level in dBm