brctlspecialloadobserver.h File Reference

Enum TBrCtlDownloadParam

EParamRequestUrlURL requested.
EParamRealmRealm (if www)
EParamUsernameUser name (if www authentication)
EParamPasswordPassword (if www authentication)
EParamProxyRealmRealm in the case of proxy authentication.
EParamProxyUsernameUser name (if proxy authentication)
EParamProxyPasswordPassword (if proxy authentication)
EParamRawRequestHeaderRequest header in the form: Header:Value.
EParamReceivedContentTypeType of content received.
EParamExpectedContentTypeType of content expected to appear in the markup <object> tag.
EParamTotalContentLengthExpected length of the content.
EParamReceivedContentLengthLength of the content already received.
EParamReceivedContentBody of the content received.
EParamRawResponseHeaderResponse header in the form: Header: Value.
EParamLocalFileNameName of the file containing the content to be downloaded.
EParamCharsetCharacter set of the content to be downloaded.
EParamRefererHeaderReferrer header used in the download request, if applicable.
EParamTransactionIdTransaction ID.