MPlayerApplicationSettingsObserver Class Reference

#include <playerinformationtargetobserver.h>

Link against: remconplayerinformation.lib

class MPlayerApplicationSettingsObserver
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C voidDefineAttributeL(TUint, TDesC8 &, RArray< TUint > &, RArray< TPtrC8 > &, TUint)
IMPORT_C voidSetAttributeL(TUint, TUint)

Detailed Description

This class is for supporting the player application settings PDUs in AVRCP1.3 specification section 5.2. The RegisterNotification PDU for EVENT_PLAYER_APPLICATION_SETTING_CHANGED is also supported through this API.

The media player should first define all the attributes it supports, using DefineAttributeL. When an attribute's value is changed by the media player, it should call SetAttributeL to inform the controller. When the controller changes a setting, the media player application receives a callback via the MPlayerApplicationSettingsNotify interface

Member Function Documentation

DefineAttributeL ( TUint, TDesC8 &, RArray< TUint > &, RArray< TPtrC8 > &, TUint )

IMPORT_C voidDefineAttributeL(TUintaAttributeID,
TDesC8 &aAttributeText,
RArray< TUint > &aValues,
RArray< TPtrC8 > &aValueTexts,
Define an attribute supported by this player. It will be included in future responses to the following PDUs: ListPlayerApplicationSettingAttributes, ListPlayerApplicationSettingValues, GetCurrentPlayerApplicationSettingValue, GetPlayerApplicationSettingAttributeText, GetPlayerApplicationSettingValueText,
aAttributeIDThe specification or player defined attribute
aAttributeTextThe UTF8 text name of the attribute(allowed text length is 1-255) - the API will take a copy
aValuesThe list of defined values
aValueTextsThe UTF8 text for each defined value(allowed text length is 1-255) - The API will make copies.
aInitialValueThe initial value for this attribute
Leave Codes
KErrNoMemoryif memory could not be allocated to store the copies of aAttributeID and relative settings
KErrNotSupportedif attribute or value is out of specification defined range, or aValueTexts is not equal length to aValues

SetAttributeL ( TUint, TUint )

IMPORT_C voidSetAttributeL(TUintaAttributeID,
Set the current value of a previously defined attribute This updates the cache and will cause completion of a pending EVENT_PLAYER_APPLICATION_SETTING_CHANGED notification PDU
aAttributeIDThe specification or player defined attribute
aValueThe current value
Leave Codes
KErrNotFoundif the attribute is not defined, KErrArgument if the value is not valid according to the definition