MRemConTrackInfoTargetObserver Class Reference

#include <remcontrackinfotargetobserver.h>

Link against: remconextapi1.lib

class MRemConTrackInfoTargetObserver
Public Member Functions
virtual IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetArtist()
virtual IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetTrackDuration()
virtual IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetTrackName()

Detailed Description

Client-implemented mixin- notifies the client of incoming TrackInfo commands.

Member Function Documentation

MrctitoGetArtist ( )

IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetArtist()[virtual]

A 'get artist' command has been received.

MrctitoGetTrackDuration ( )

IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetTrackDuration()[virtual]

A 'get track duration' command has been received.

MrctitoGetTrackName ( )

IMPORT_C voidMrctitoGetTrackName()[virtual]

A 'get track name' command has been received.