CEmsFactory Class Reference

#include <emsinformationelement.h>

class CEmsFactory : public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Factory class used to create an EMS object from the given data.

Member Function Documentation

CreateIeL ( TSmsId )

CEmsInformationElement *CreateIeL(TSmsIdaId)[static]

Internalize all Ems Objects from a given stream. This is the flipside of the factorys externalise method.

aIdEMS object id.
Return Value
CEmsInformationElement* newly created EMS object. Creates an information element from the data givenCEmsInformationElement* newly created EMS object.

CreateReceivedEmsIEL ( const CSmsInformationElement &, TInt )

CEmsInformationElement *CreateReceivedEmsIEL(const CSmsInformationElement &aIE,

ExternalizeL ( RPointerArray< CEmsInformationElement > &, RWriteStream & )

voidExternalizeL(RPointerArray< CEmsInformationElement > &aObjectStore,
RWriteStream &aStream

Externalises all the objects in a given object array. Adds extra information into externalised data so that objects can be readback generically (done this was as All streams do not support seek operatoions). This is the flipside of the Factorys internalise method.

aObjectStoreArray of objects to externalize.
aStreamstream to externalize object to.

InternalizeL ( RPointerArray< CEmsInformationElement > &, RReadStream & )

voidInternalizeL(RPointerArray< CEmsInformationElement > &aObjectStore,
RReadStream &aStream

Supported ( TSmsId )

TBool Supported(TSmsIdaId)[static]