Options menu

The Options menu is a tool that offers the user a set of possible functions in the current context. Pressing the right softkey labeled Options opens the Options menu.

Figure: Options menu with Cancel softkey

The Options menu is a menu list displayed in a pop-up window. An item is selected by tapping it or with the Selection key (depending on the device type). The user must either select an item from the list or cancel the menu; it cannot be left pending during another action.

Note: The content on the screen outside the pop-up menu context is dimmed.

Items in the Options menu use the single item layout; that is, they are text-only. The number of items in the menu is not limited, the list scrolls as necessary. The Options menu loops when it is used with the hardware keyboard.

Using the Options menu in applications

The API to use for the Options menu is the Options menu API . For more information, see For more information, see Symbian C++ API specifications.