Acceleration sensor

The following types of interaction events can be recognized with acceleration sensors:

  1. Tapping the device (for example, double tap) to perform a given function.

    Note: Tapping interaction is not recommended for touch devices since the tap might also be interpreted as a touch action if you tap on the touch screen area.

  2. Changing the screen orientation on the device from portrait to landscape as the device is rotated.

  3. Changing the device orientation from screen up (for example, on a table) to screen down and back to silence an alert tone (for example, silencing an incoming call).

The system is capable of sensing any of these events. The supported sensor interactions are configurable per device, but must be consistent and not have different functions assigned to these standard events. Also, users can be given the option of setting whichever one they would like to use. For example, it is possible to set methods 1 and 3 (double tap by hand and turning the screen downwards) for the Silence Incoming Call event. The settings are available in General Settings.

A double tap on the device produces tactile (vibrating) feedback in order to reinforce and acknowledge that the interaction has been successful.