Multimedia Shared Library Overview

This document provides an overview of the Multimedia Shared Library.


This library provides shared utilities for Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content sources.

Multimedia Shared Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description



These files are used for implementing the Multimedia Shared Library.

Architectural Relationship

The Multimedia Shared Library is used by MMF audio and video clients with DRM capability. For more information, see Multimedia Framework Guide.


The Symbian platform provides support for playback of DRM protected content. The Multimedia Shared Library enables multimedia clients to handle sources of DRM protected content.

Key Multimedia Shared Library Classes

The functionality provided by the Multimedia Shared Library is contained within the following classes:

  • TMMSource - provides a lightweight encapsulation of a DRM protected content source.

  • TMMFileSource - provides a consistent interface between filename based and file handle based interfaces.

  • TMMFileHandleSource - provides a file handle to DRM protected content source.

Using the Multimedia Shared Library

Clients can use the Multimedia Shared Library to:

  • Initialise a DRM protected content source.

  • Construct a new TMMFileSource object.

  • Construct a new TMMFileHandleSource object.

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