You can use the Download Manager Client API to create and manage a session in which files are downloaded over HTTP or HTTPS.

The DRM APIs provided by the multimedia framework on the Symbian platform allow you to provide DRM services in your application.

OMA download

The Symbian platform supports the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) download v1.0 open standard and application-level protocol that enables reliable content downloads. It can be integrated with other services, such as billing, allowing premium-priced content to be made available to mobile users. OMA download replaces content object descriptor (COD) download as the preferred method for downloading content to mobile devices.

OMA download improves the mobile device user experience by informing users of the success of the content download. This helps ensure that the content can be used in the mobile device and that users are not charged if downloading fails. OMA download is used on top of HTTP or the wireless session protocol (WSP).

The effort needed to implement OMA download is minimal. An operator only needs to create a so-called download descriptor file for each piece of content and make simple changes in the HTTP server to enable the OMA download protocol. For example, OMA download can be adopted without any changes in the billing mechanisms. However, to fully benefit from it, some changes are required in order to know whether users received the ordered content and hence ensure that they will not be charged if downloading fails. The install notification feature of OMA download can, for example, be used as an event that triggers billing.

OMA DRM and OMA download are independent technologies for independent tasks. Both promote the mobile content downloading business as well as improve the mobile device user experience of mobile content. Content protected by OMA DRM can be delivered using OMA download as well as multimedia messaging service (MMS), mobile information device profile (MIDP) OTA, and so on. OMA DRM and OMA download are standardized in parallel by OMA. .

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