The Session Description Protocol (SDP) provides the users with a standard representation for media details, transport addresses, and session description metadata. This representation is independent of the method the information is transported. The SDP Codec subsystem enables its clients the SDP Codec API do the following:

  • encode SDP descriptions into an internal form

  • decode the descriptions from an internal form

  • set and get the SDP field values

Architectural Relationships

The calls to the SDP Codec API are synchronous. The SDP Codec API does not require capabilities and it cannot be extended.

SDP Codec API class structure

The client uses some or all the SDP Codec API classes during the handling of a SDP description. The interface classes are derived from CBase. The client has a 'use' relationship with the SDP Codec API library.

The following illustration shows the SDP Codec API class structure.

Memory used

The amount of memory used by every header object of the SDP Codec API is equivalent to the memory used by the header as text.