What is the CommsDat API

This topic is an intrdouction to the CommsDat API. Tools and applications use the CommsDat API to access the data in the Comms Database.

The CommsDat DLL implements the CommsDat API. Symbian platform loads the CommsDat DLL at boot time. Tools and applications do not load the DLL.

The API made available by the CommsDat DLL is the only method that users can use to access the data in the Comms Database. The API maps between client-side representations of the data and the data stored in the database.

Tools and applications see the data as a set of tables. A table is a set of records, where each record is an ordered set of fields. Each field holds a specified piece of information. A field at a given position in a record contains the same type of data in all records. You can consider that each field at a given location in a record is in a column. A table can also be called a record set.

Tables, records, columns and fields are all CommsDat elements. An element is an item that can be stored in the Comms Database.

The CommsDat API gives tools and applications a set of classes to retrieve, create and change the elements in the Comms Database. The API also gives the functionality to access the Comms Database.

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